Chris Shepherd is London International Animation Festival’s Special Opening Night Guest

Legendary animator and director Chris Shepherd makes a special appearance on the opening night of the London International Animation Festival. The occasion will see the world premier of Shepherd’s eagerly anticipated film ‘Johnno’s Dead’ and he will take the stage with members of the cast and crew to discuss its making. The live-action/animation hybrid short has been several years in the making and is the sequel to the multi award winning ‘Dad’s Dead’.

Shepherd’s work is hilarious and ink-dark in equal measure and his use of live action mixed with a wide range of animation styles means that his execution is invariably as compelling as his deeply unsettling narratives.

Watch the Trailer for ‘Johnno’s Dead’ here

Richard Swarbrick set to own Euro 2016 with BetVictor

Richard Swarbrick’s Euro16 campaign for BetVictor has broken across the UK. The first commercial, conceived at agency Mr President promotes the Million
Pound Goal competition and a whole raft of further, beautifully crafted films will be unleashed between now and the end of the tournament.


Joon Brandt Signs to Hotspur and Argyle

We are very excited to announce the addition of Joon Brandt to the Hotspur & Argyle roster. Joon brings an extraordinary devotion to detail and a technical prowess that produces distinctive imagery of the very rarest calibre in the beauty category. Among the clients he is already wowing are Coca-Cola, Mango, Universal, Sony BMG, Max Factor, Isadora and Manhattan Cosmetics.

Theo Delaney’s Love Letter To British Tennis

Theo Delaney returns to documentary with this short portrait of the remarkable Margaret Winnett of Andover Tennis Club. Commissioned by the Lawn Tennis Association to promote its annual volunteer awards, the film conveys the heartwarming community spirit that is engendered by the volunteer culture that permeates sport the length and breadth of the country.

Motor-Meister Emir Haveric Joins Hotspur & Argyle

Eminent car shooter Emir Haveric has joined Hotspur & Argyle. Emir was already one of the most sought after car photographers in the world before his unerring instinct for lighting, colour and composition led him, inevitably, to the moving image. He is already a favourite director of major car manufacturers thanks to stunning films for the likes of BMW and Volkswagen.