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Acclaimed director Christian Holm-Glad joins our roster

Celebrated Norwegian director Christian Holm-Glad has joined Hotspur & Argyle. He is renowned for an exquisite, atmospheric storytelling style evident in his Driving Safely Home For Christmas film which was recently featured as a shots Magazine contender.

Christian says: “I´ve always been inspired by UK music, fashion, literature and art so I am now very excited about joining the great minds at Hotspur & Argyle and mixing my Scandinavian flavour into the UK melting pot”.

In addition to his lauded advertising work, Christian boasts a formidable back catalogue in documentaries and music videos.

His film Sushi&Nuclear is currently in competition at the esteemed American Documentary Film Festival and his work has been nominated and selected for the Norwegian Short Film Festival (Chasing the world’s largest number), the UK MVA’s (Rhapsody – Seven Vibes), and many more.

You can watch Christian’s reel here.

More Magic from David Kerr for the Post Office



Robert Webb, and his dauntless sidekick Doobie the dachshund, return for David Kerr’s latest spot for Post Office Money. The duo stop at nothing – launching through family sofas and emerging from cafe tables to inform the public of the financial services on offer at the Post Office.

The ad, “Unexpected Places”, was created by FCB Inferno (CD Colin Mitchell, Copywriter Ali Dickinson and Art Director Jack Walker). Florian Hoffmeister was DP and production design was by Jonathan Lee. The Playroom’s Adam Spivey edited, post was done at Unit and colourist was Aubrey Woodiwiss at Electric Theatre. The campaign was produced by Victoria Lynn at Hotspur & Argyle and Mandy Boyter took charge for FCB Inferno.

Click the image above to see the spot.

David’s Post Office Money spot is the latest in a very long line of collaborations with Robert Webb. They first worked together on David’s first ever TV comedy drama Meaningful Sex in 2000, also one of Rob’s first TV roles.

The following year, Rob asked David to direct himself and David Mitchell in their first TV sketch show as a double act, The Mitchell and Webb Situation, whose stellar cast, including Olivia Coleman, juggled limited budget and crazy shooting schedules to produce comedy gold. Click here to view a sketch from the first episode – a hideously familiar scenario for anyone involved in the “creative” process.

This led led to further collaboration on larger scale projects including BBC 2′s BAFTA award winning That Mitchell & Webb Look and Fresh Meat for channel 4, in which Rob plays a lecturer who tries cringingly hard to be “down with the kids”.

When David started work on the Post Office campaign with FCB, he knew that Rob would be perfect as a front man: “He brought tremendous energy and great comic chops to the role. In our new spot for Post Office Money, we’ve pushed the surreal tone a little further – and Rob, quite literally, takes flight.”

Richard Swarbrick Hand Paints Animated Tribute to Cristiano Ronaldo

Richard Swarbrick hand painted every single frame of the animation in this beautiful new tribute to Ballon D’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo. He then packed twenty five sketchbooks’ worth of pictures into his suitcase and set off for Manchester United’s Old Trafford home where it all began for the great Portuguese playmaker before retracing his steps to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium stadium in Madrid where Ronaldo now weaves his magic for Real Madrid. Accompanied by producer Tom Mallion (those are his hands), Richard shot stills of every illustration along the way,  cutting them together to produce the stunning tribute you can watch by clicking HERE. This is a companion piece to the Lionel Messi film Richard created for Adidas when the legendary Argentinian won his third Ballon D’Or in 2012.

Merry Christmas! (PLAY LOUD) x

This film made by insane genius Kevin Curtis

BL:ND create an interactive stunner for Coldplay’s latest single

Coldplay have just premiered their groundbreaking new video for ‘Ink’. Directed and animated by our animation collective BL:ND, fans can plot their own storyline through the interactive tale about a lost traveller who journeys to the edges of the world in search of his lost love. Viewers can make real time choices throughout the video, altering its outcome – with more than 300 possible journeys available. BL:ND conceived the video and worked directly with the band and used proprietary software built by interactive video specialists Interlude.

Click the image above to see the video.

For enquiries on BL:ND’s availability please contact

The Post Office’s Star Studded Christmas Campaign by David Kerr

Robert Webb stars as the larger-than-life ‘Minister of Christmas’ in David Kerr’s new campaign for the post office. Accompanied by the insouciant ‘Doobie’, his mini-me dachshund sidekick, the minister sets about helping Pixie Lott, Jim Carter, Amanda Holden and Gino D’Acampo get their Christmas preparation under control in a hive of jolly yuletide activity. Staff from across the Post Office’s 11,500 branch network also appear in the ads which highlight an extended range of services now on offer.

Dubbed ‘Get Christmas all Wrapped Up’, the campaign was created by FCB Inferno (CD Colin Mitchell, Copywriter Ali Dickinson and Art Director Jack Walker) and marks the first time the Post Office has advertised on TV at Christmas in five years.

Philipp Blaubach was DP and production design was by Jonathan Lee.

The Playroom’s Adam Spivey edited, post was done at Unit and colourist was Aubrey Woodiwiss at Electric Theatre. The campaign was produced by Victoria Lynn at Hotspur & Argyle and Mandy Boyter took charge for FCB Inferno.

Click the image above to see the first of the campaign’s three spots.



Isaac The Bull Sacked in Theo Delaney’s Quotezone Spot

 photo Screenshot2014-10-06110233.jpg

A one ton Gloucester bull called Isaac co-stars in Theo Delaney’s new Quotezone commercial for agency Red Brick Road. Isaac plays the part of Bill, the hapless bovine employee who is reluctantly ‘let go’ by his boss – played by Matthew Houlihan – because Quotezone is all about price comparison ‘without the… you know’. Shot in sunny Barnet, Isaac was provided by legendary animal coordinator Trevor Smith who advised no sudden movements or noises around the beast. In the event the shoot passed without incident apart from a moment of panic from a camera assistant (we won’t name him) who tried to escape through a plate glass partition when Isaac looked at him funny. Red Brick Road creatives were Matt Davis, Richard Megson and Tom Skinner and agency producer was James Tracy. Victoria Lynn produced for H&A, production designer was Toby Stevens and the spot was lit by Ben Butler and edited by Rebecca Luff of Tenthree.

Madly Hot Edward John Drake Signs For Hotspur & Argyle


We are beyond excited to announce the signing of wunderkind director Edward John Drake.

Currently taking the world of music videos by storm, uber music site 405 describes him as having ‘mad heat’ adding: ‘With genre-defining artists like Klangkarussell, the Stanton Warriors and Kat Krazy paying generously for his time, he’s become the go-to guy in electronic music for brave characters and thought provoking themes’.

His latest music promo for Austrian electro duo Klangkarussell is an extraordinary nine-minute single-shot Steadicam affair that follows a protagonist through a South London council estate as he encounters a series of strange and unsettling characters.

Australian by birth and splitting his time between Los Angeles and London, Edward brings a lateral and fearless approach to his work as you might expect of a 23 year old who is the former assistant of iconic filmmaker Mark Romanek and he is straining at the leash to apply his abundant gifts and energy to commercials.

Find out more in this 405 interview and view the Klangkarussell video here.

Blackpool is back and this time it’s personal

This whistle-stop tour of contemporary Blackpool conducted by seven year old tour guide Oliver Nelson is Theo Delaney’s personal paean to Britain’s greatest seaside town. Featuring a host of attractions and an astoundingly assured performance by its young star, the film aims to reinvigorate the nation’s love of the Las Vegas of Lancashire. Scripted by TBWA Manchester’s Becci Tyrrell and Adam Richardson – who recently cleaned up at the Roses Awards – the commercial benefits from cinematography by Danny Cohen (The Kings Speech, Les Miserables etc) and editing by Scott Crane of The Quarry. TBWA’s producer was Rose Bulow and Victoria Lynn took charge for Hotspur & Argyle.