Profile picture of Edward John Drake

Currently taking the world of music videos by storm, uber music site 405 describes wunderkind director Edward John Drake as having ‘mad heat’ adding: ‘With genre-defining artists like Klangkarussell, the Stanton Warriors and Kat Krazy paying generously for his time, he’s become the go-to guy in electronic music for brave characters and thought provoking themes’.

His latest music promo for Austrian electro duo Klangkarussell is an extraordinary nine-minute single-shot Steadicam affair that follows a protagonist through a South London council estate as he encounters a series of strange and unsettling characters.

Australian by birth and splitting his time between Los Angeles and London, Edward brings a lateral and fearless approach to his work as you might expect of a 24 year old who is the former assistant of iconic filmmaker Mark Romanek and he is straining at the leash to apply his abundant gifts and energy to commercials.