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Acclaimed director Christian Holm-Glad joins our roster

Celebrated Norwegian director Christian Holm-Glad has joined Hotspur & Argyle. He is renowned for an exquisite, atmospheric storytelling style evident in his Driving Safely Home For Christmas film which was recently featured as a shots Magazine contender.

Christian says: I’ve always been inspired by UK music, fashion, literature and art so I am now very excited about joining the great minds at Hotspur & Argyle and mixing my Scandinavian flavour into the UK melting pot.

In addition to his lauded advertising work, Christian boasts a formidable back catalogue in documentaries and music videos.

His film Sushi&Nuclear is currently in competition at the esteemed American Documentary Film Festival and his work has been nominated and selected for the Norwegian Short Film Festival (Chasing the world’s largest number), the UK MVA (Rhapsody / Seven Vibes), and many more.